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The Severance advice and negotiations process

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What is Severance advice and negotiations?

In South African law, severance pay is compensation that an employee receives when they're let go by a company. According to the Basic Conditions of Employment Act, an employee dismissed due to redundancy is entitled to at least one week’s remuneration for each completed year of continuous service.

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FAQ for Severance Advice and Negotiations

What is a severance package?

A severance package is a financial compensation or benefits package offered by an employer to an employee who is being laid off or terminated from their job. It usually includes payment for unused vacation or sick days, continuation of health insurance, and sometimes a lump sum payment.

Am I entitled to a severance package?

In South Africa, there is no legal requirement for employers to offer a severance package. However, it is common practice for employers to offer one as a way to compensate the employee for their service and loyalty to the company.

How much should I expect to receive in a severance package?

The amount of a severance package can vary depending on factors such as the length of your employment, your salary, and the company's financial situation. It is important to seek legal advice to ensure that you are receiving fair compensation.

Can I negotiate my severance package?

Yes, you can negotiate your severance package. It is recommended to seek legal advice before entering into negotiations to ensure that you are receiving fair compensation.

What are some common mistakes employees make when negotiating a severance package?

Some common mistakes employees make include accepting the first offer without negotiating, not seeking legal advice, and not understanding the terms and conditions of the agreement.

How can a lawyer help me with my severance package negotiations?

A lawyer can help you negotiate a fair severance package by reviewing the terms and conditions of the agreement, providing advice on your legal rights, and advocating on your behalf during negotiations.

Labour lawyers in South Africa primarily deal with laws and regulations related to employment and labor rights. They handle cases involving issues such as unfair dismissals, discrimination, workplace safety, wages, collective bargaining, and industrial disputes. The main legislation that governs labor relations in South Africa is the Labour Relations Act of 1995, which establishes the rights and obligations of employers, employees, and trade unions. Another significant law is the Basic Conditions of Employment Act, which sets out the minimum standards for employment conditions. Additionally, the Employment Equity Act promotes equality and prohibits unfair discrimination in the workplace. The Commission for Conciliation, Mediation, and Arbitration (CCMA) is a key body responsible for resolving labor disputes. For more information on South African labor laws and relevant governing bodies, you can visit the following links:

  1. Labour Relations Act:
  2. Basic Conditions of Employment Act:
  3. Employment Equity Act:
  4. Commission for Conciliation, Mediation, and Arbitration (CCMA):

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