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The Domestic violence representation process

  • Legal protection against abusers
  • Safe custody of children
  • Financial compensation for damages
  • Access to emergency accommodation
  • Restraining orders against perpetrators
  • Support in court proceedings

What is Domestic violence representation?

Domestic violence under South African law involves abuse or violence against a household member. It includes physical, emotional, or sexual abuse. Legal representation can help protect rights and navigate the legal proceedings.

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FAQ for Domestic violence representation

What is domestic violence?

Domestic violence refers to any form of violence or abuse that occurs within a domestic or intimate relationship. This can include physical, emotional, sexual, or psychological abuse.

As a victim of domestic violence, you have the right to seek legal protection and justice through the courts. This includes obtaining a protection order, filing criminal charges, and seeking damages for any harm you have suffered.

How can a lawyer help me if I am a victim of domestic violence?

A lawyer can help you navigate the legal system, obtain a protection order, file criminal charges, and seek damages for any harm you have suffered. They can also provide emotional support and connect you with resources such as counseling services.

What is a protection order?

A protection order is a legal order issued by a court that prohibits an abuser from contacting or coming near the victim. It can also require the abuser to move out of the family home, surrender any firearms, and attend counseling or anger management classes.

Can I file criminal charges against my abuser?

Yes, you can file criminal charges against your abuser for any acts of violence or abuse. This can result in the abuser being arrested, prosecuted, and potentially sentenced to jail time.

Can I sue my abuser for damages?

Yes, you can sue your abuser for damages such as medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. A lawyer can assist you in filing a civil lawsuit against your abuser.

How can I protect myself from further abuse?

In addition to obtaining a protection order and seeking legal action, there are also practical steps you can take to protect yourself from further abuse. This can include changing your locks, installing a security system, and seeking support from friends and family.

Criminal Lawyers in South Africa represent individuals who have been charged with criminal offences. They are experts in understanding, interpreting, and applying the country's criminal law, primarily governed by the Criminal Procedure Act 51 of 19771. From providing counsel during police investigations to representing the accused at trial, their role is crucial in upholding the rights of individuals within the criminal justice system. Criminal Lawyers are regulated by the Legal Practice Council2.

  1. Criminal Procedure Act 51 of 1977 ↩
  2. Legal Practice Council

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